White refined sugar

ICUMSAMax 45 RBU, attenuation index units method No. 4-1978

Polarization: Min. 99.80%

Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing

Moisture: 0.04% max, water insoluble matter 0.012% max

Odor: None

Sediment: None

Ash by electrical conductivity: 0.04% max

Granulation: Fine

Color: Sparkling White

Radiation: Below detectable limit, without presence of Caesium or Iodine

Sulfur Dioxide: <20 mg/kg

Magnetic particles: <4 mg/kg

CropPresent Year

Type: White Granulated Sugar

Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Maximum by Weight

Fumigation: Well Cleaned from Molds, Unnatural Odors, Chemical and Incsect

Appearance: White Solid crystal

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